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Pc Price list

Pc/Laptop/Notebook – Price List

Our rates, as detailed in the table below, are a guide and are therefore subject to change. However, we will make every effort to ensure that they are kept up to date. Please call us or contact us through the web site to confirm our current prices.
(including pick up and return or fix on site)
Price guide
(Edinburgh, Haddington and nearby areas)
PC/laptop computer health check £25.00
Support task (any) up to 1 hour £40.00
RAM/Memory upgrade £20.00
(ram not included)
Virus removal
(low infection on a fast PC)
Virus Removal
(high infection on a slow PC)
For some virus infections we may be required to carry out a full Windows operating system installation in order to guarantee that your system is virus free.
Hard drive replacement
(with basic windows installation, no data to recover and no computer to set back up)
(includes 500gb new hard drive)
Hard drive replacement
(with full Windows installation, all updates, backup, restore any data, install essential software – free anti virus, free office, etc.)
(includes 500gb new hard drive – add £20.00 for set up of broadband, printer, anti virus, email)
Hard drive Upgrade (clone)
(this will take an exact copy of current Windows system installation, including your files and any installed software)
(this service does not include a new hard drive – please ask for a price for the hardware. Price will vary dependant on the size and type required for the upgrade)
Basic Windows installation
(no data to backup or recover. Windows & drivers only)
(does not include setting up printers, broadband, emails etc.)
Full Windows installation
(backup and restore user data, latest windows updates, free anti virus, latest drivers, office)
(add £25.00 for set up of broadband, printer, anti virus, email)
Data Recovery (File Recovery) £40.00
(Logical damage – typically ranges from £40 to £190 depending on the size and complexity of the case)
Laptop DC jack repair £60.00 – £75.00
(includes parts – repairs must be carried out off site, but we can pick up for free)
Laptop keyboard replacement £35.00 + keyboard
(from £15 depending on keyboard model)
1 hour on site
(broadband configurations, printers, wireless etc)
2 hours on Site
(unlikely unless there are numerous computers)

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